Things We Love: Soyrizo: Even Boys Like It

These days, you can walk into just about any grocery store in just about any town and find at least a small selection of meat substitutes.  These substitutes vary greatly in their resemblance to an actual meat product and, let’s face it- all of us veggies living with omnivores have, at one time or another, experienced the look on our friend/partner/child/in-law’s face as they forced down yet another unconvincing meat substitute.

If you seem to have this experience often or if you notice your omnivorous family and friends squeaking “let’s just go out for dinner!” more and more, than you are suffering from lack-of-convincing-delicious-meat-substitute-itis.

Soyrizo is your cure.  Unlike a lot of meat substitutes, the ingredient list isn’t as long as a dictionary.  Perhaps more importantly, even boys- MEAT EATING BOYS, like soyrizo.  Try it in Paella with Soyrizo and Edamame, Green Pepper and Hominy Casserole with Soyrizo, or simple Breakfast Burritos To-Go.  You will not be disappointed, and neither will your tofu-wary friends.

Most recipes call for browning the Soyrizo first.  I find that without the addition of a LOT of oil, it never really browns.  I usually skip this step and save the time!

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